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Recording with a home studio requires investing some money. You need to get some gear and software. It is hardly conceivable to get free hardware, but free software do exist and are accessible on the Internet. Many freeware give very satisfying results, some are even better then commercial ones! So before you buy any piece of software, check if some of the following tools could not be just perfect for you.

Musical regards,


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Metal demo of the X50 Beta3 from TSE

"Simon's Metal" by Simon Chenu, composed especially for these site's amp sim tests.
This video presents the Beta3 version of the X50 amplifier simulator from TSE.

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12/09/2021, 15h16

I would like to config my Schuffham S-Gear 2 but I don't know how to do.
I have Logic Pro X.6.2 with S-Gear plugin
I found your website and I ask myself what does it means in the folder Schuffham S-Gear 2.
I don't understand what you have writing like in this exemple : Guitar on the left:
1 impulse of baffle Marshall 1960A (loudspeaker: G12M) through a microphone Neumann U67 in Cap Edge position, at a distance of 2 inches (5 cm). Stereo panning: 100% left.
1 impulse of baffle Marshall 1960A (loudspeaker: G12M) through a microphone Neumann U87 in Cap Edge position, at a distance of 4 inches (10 cm). Stereo panning: 100% left.
How can I find the same sound as you ? How can I do to config my own S-Gear with these parameters ? What does it means ?
Sorry for my English ;) I’m French !
You can answer me directly on my email address.
Thanks in advance.

10/29/2021, 13h49

Hi Grebz,
I don't know if you read these... but I was wondering if your Lepou plugins are x32 or x64? Thanks for all the great stuff on here!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hello, thanks for visiting my website. I think they're x64.

Jammin n' Rollin
10/27/2021, 08h28

Hi Grebz, New to your page and found it by error and a great error it was! I am new to all this home recording and I never thought it was going to be this overwhelming... Lots of good info here, so thank you!!

09/21/2021, 19h19

Juste pour te remercier, ton site est super : Une mine d'infos, et un des rares endroits (le seul ?) où on peut encore trouver certains vieux plugins :))

05/17/2021, 19h18

je voudrais utiliser uniquement ma voix et tout les bruits envisageables afin de générer ce que j'appellerais "la pulsation" de ma composition.

Existe t'il des logiciels (et peut être tous en sont capable) qui aprés enregistrement d'un son se cale sur le dit son pour enregistrer le motif.
Ma formation d'origine c'est la batterie et donc j'aimerais pouvoir improviser vocalement (ou en tapant du pied aussi par exemple) des motifs et qu'ils soient ainsi reconnus par le logiciel avec un microphone.
j'espére que ma question est compréhensible !
Vous avez compris que je suis assez ignare en MAO ... juste chez moi un petit séquenceur autonome pour m'accompagner à la guitare !
Merci par avance

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